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I draw occasionally so watch for that as well.

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Peach has lived most of her life in castles filled with lava

She spent her vacation hot-tubbing it up in an active volcano

She has been kidnapped to space

And the one time she actually got pissed off, she starred in her own game and rescued everyone with the power of emotion.

You think a tiny little laser explosion will break that iron princess demeanor?

Bitch, please.

Peach will wreck you.

This is my favorite post.

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Dating advice from Commander Shepard.


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Inktober 14: Webby #inktober

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Comic commission for lavender-fable. AU scenario with Pyrrha and her oc, Ryve.

I usually don’t do comic commissions, but if anybody is interested in that sort of thing, it’s all negotiable. Just hit me a message here on the tumblrs.

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Disney fans trying to explain the difference between Rapunzel/Anna/Elsa/Honey Lemon’s designs like:


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I will never stop loving this