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I draw occasionally so watch for that as well.

The Turtle Den
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Mega Crimson Chin confirmed guys.


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“i bet you cant name two structures that can hold water!” “well, dam”

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That’s so DRaven by SteelEmissary


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Hey everyone! My family’s been hitting a low point in terms of funding and along with my job I think it’s about time I started commissions! 

I practically draw everything whether it be OCs, cartoon/video game characters, gijinkas(I really love drawing these), furries, or anything really! 
Couple pictures are something I can do as well, along with only slight nudity/nsfw. (whether I post it on my account or not is solely up to you)

Shoot me a note here or send me an email at thecheesyturtle@hotmail.com

I’ll put a limit of 6 commissions at a time and I accept Paypal!

Since a lot of people just came into my blog I’d like to try and reblog this again. If anybody is interested, message me and I’ll try to reply asap! Thank you for all your time along with following my ass. 

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announcements at school

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season 1 weiss

season 2 weiss

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Careless Weissper

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I hope I haven’t miscategorized.

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At least she’s trying.

This is just an excuse to draw cutesy Weiss and use stupid puns bite me. Yang probably has another trap card and she’s just letting Weiss gloat for a bit. 

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